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My Story

My journey began at a very young age, when I knew there was more to life than what we have been told and conditioned to follow and believe. As a young adult, I travelled many countries for several years to explore different cultural systems, belief systems, ways of living and relating, and wanted to connect to the ways of the Earth on a more deeper, primal level.

I was following a deep call to connect to something deeper, that had been calling me for a long time. Ultimately, it was always the call to Self (a true sense of belonging, ancestral and ancient ways and wisdoms, embodiment, empowerment, and reconnecting to the Divine Feminine).

In 2015, after spending a few months in the Amazon, Spirit told me it was time to go back to Canada to work with women. Having no idea what this meant at the time, following this call lead me down the path of deepening my innerstanding of the divine feminine, embodiment, and sisterhood. I began working with a mentor who I divinely met at a full moon gathering, studied yoga and life coaching, and began deepening my intuition and sense of belonging, and worked through many layers of limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, and past wounds, ultimately regaining my relationship with Self empowerment through embodiment and self awareness. Through this journey of returning home to Self, my psychic and intuitive gifts from my matrilineage strengthened, and this is when I began offering my magic and gifts to be of service for those seeking to find their sense of belonging within Self and in the world, and to clear their traumas, wounds, progammings and conditionings. With the intention to guide others to arrive more present within Self, sovereign, and fulfilled in all areas of life. ​


My Approach

I am told often that a unique gift of mine is that I create a deep sense of safety with others that allows people to feel held, seen, and able to access tough areas of emotions with ease. 

I work with clients on an energetic level, working with my intuitive and psychic gifts to access stored trauma and unprocessed emotions in the body. I work with Spirit guidance and connect to the wisdom of the body to move through the stagnance and guide clients into a clear innerstanding of how to move forward with ease and grace. This can look like somatic guidance, shamanic journeys, visualizations, and energy work.

My work is strongly rooted in empowering those to their own inner wisdoms with deep compassion. I believe we all have access to our intuition and self healing, we just need remembering and guidance, and that's a huge role I stand in with clients. 

I am commited to deprogramming the layers of conditioning that keep us small (the limiting beliefs), so we can feel safe to open our hearts and step into a full expression of Self and recieve the life we see for ourselves.

By connecting to the physical, emotional, energetic, and mental layers of the body, with curiosity, compassion, and non-judgement, we begin to learn the language of the body, and how our experiences and emotions are all guides and information for our expansion of Self. 

The healing journey is not meant to be walked alone, let's rise together!

Lastly, I am passionate about relational connections, and the power of connecting with others through vulnerability, intimacy, and play. This is one of the main reasons I offer community events, we need to remember how to connect, recieve, play, and let others in. Come join us to feel a sense of community and connection!

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